Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hey Music Snobs...Fuck Off

Recently I have received a crap ton of mocking from folks I know about my music taste. I would call it extremely eclectic since I like everything from TREX to Machine Head. The music snobs think my music is awful and to them I say you can sincerely fuck off. Music is an art form and therefore extremely subjective, so what it invokes in one person may not be the same for another. That people is what makes it both awesome and frustrating. I honestly couldn't live without music, or for that matter art in general. They could take away my beer, my coffee, my sugar, but holy hell don't come between me and my music.

I hope you enjoy, but don't Judge!

 Machine Head- Beneath the Silt

Ging Gang Gong De Do GongDe Laga Raga
Rob Zombie

Skulls- Lemonheads cover version

Maybelline I Hofteholder -Volbeat

Sex, Guns and Gasoline- Black Star Riders

Sexy Back- Justin Timberlake

Elected- Alice Cooper

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A little PR time

OK, so you guys know I haven't posted in like a gazillion years. I have  moved to another state and needed time to get my life together. I won't tell you where, but its as hot as the devils armpit right now outside. Needless to say I have been busy...
However when its time to help out friends or give props where due, I'm all in...

So.. remember that band I talked about a ton over the last few years? Powderburn? you remember right?

Yeah the one with the bass player that's on book cover, yup that one.
Anywho, they now have a blogspot and you should bookmark it, not to mention visit it often..it will force them to update it.
Yes folks the metal boys are back and hopefully for a good long time.

So just to remind you how fucking good they are I will leave you with a couple of videos.
This one is a really interesting little short film...musical horror if you will.

If that didn't pique your interest, check out this full length song..
 The Lights go down.

So their blogspot is....
check it out..tell um Synde sent ya... muahahahaa