Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tattoo Who?

Back in the day when I was a partner in an Esoteric bookstore, we used to get regular visits from Trent Reznor. He never bought much but he would spend hours perusing books and asking questions. Knowing of my time in the music business, we often talked about common friends. The last time I saw Trent was a few years ago, when on his way out of the store he stopped to tell me about a fledgling band he really liked, called Necrospank 5000. Trent told me I should meet the lead singer Erron Zorn, that he was "my kinda guy." He laughed when I asked for elaboration and simply pointed to a John Dee book, saying, "You already know"
WTF??? Cryptic much Trent?
I forgot about our conversation and went on my way. A few years later I was hanging with Sean Yuselt's band in New Orleans when she asked me if I knew of Erron Zorn.
"NO" I shouted. I told her that she was the second person to mention him in connection to me.
"Well if you meet him you will understand" she smiled. "Also they are having a party at Doctor Voodoo's tonight. You should go! You know where I am talking about right?"
I nodded, wondering just what the hell I was getting myself into.
Later that evening I entered New Orleans notorious Voodoo alley and made my way to the legendary Doctor Voodoo's back room,industrial music emanated from a cobalt door. Sitting on a box next to the door was the weirdest looking huge Sphinx cat (hairless cat). I reached down to give him a little scritch behind the ears and I swear the cats eyes turned red and he winked.

Naw couldn't be.
I opened the door to a cavernous basement, full of smoke, sweat, music ...and some things I dare not mention. Wandering over to the bar, I saw that only two drinks were available. Home brewed absinthe, and something called Black Death. Hmmm hallucinations or death? I opted for thirst, while slowly surveying the room.

My eyes caught on a man sitting in an Egyptian style Morris chair. He was dressed in all black, with wristlets of leather on each arm. His hair was spiky and jet black and his eyes were hidden behind aviator style sunglasses. In other words HAWT!

His head turned towards me as if he felt my steely gaze, He raised his hand very slightly making an oh so subtle beckoning motion. I looked behind me to see who he was summoning only to find there was no one there. I turned back only to see he had lifted his glasses enough to look at me, annoyed impatience reflected in hazel eyes to die for. I hurried over and sat in a small folding chair on his right side. "'Bout time Synde," he drawled in an eerily familiar voice.

"Sorry, have we met?" I asked.Being close to him made me feel disoriented. Magic surrounded him like delicious sandalwood cologne, making my skin tingle.
He grinned. "We have known each other through the ages. The astral plane has no boundaries"
Oh Jesus I we go...
"I am so sorry," Zorn continued. "My manners are amiss. Erron Zorn at your service." He thumped his chest.
"Synde," I started.
"Yes yes yes I know..Synde Korman, Agent Provocateur," he said chuckling like he'd shared a private joke.
I just stared in confusion
"Here--drink this," he said and handed me a flask. "It will make our time together easier"
I seized the flask and took several gulps before he snatched it back.
"Careful," he warned.
Within moments I could no longer hear the music, and I was only just slightly aware of all the people. I could only see Zorn.

While the room was progressively going out of focus Erron became clearer and larger than life. He was waving his hands in front of me trying to get me to focus on him.
"We don't have much time, and I have some things to say to you. First and foremost, your jewelry...I want a necklace. Make me something must deal with banishing and protection. You know what I mean, yes?"
I nodded and he continued...
"It has to be done by the full moon"
"Hey, that's only two weeks," I protested.
He ignored me and continued
"We also have a message for a friend of yours"
By this time my eyes were starting to flutter and my brain was fading, but he continued to talk.
"Jaye Wells, you must warn her that the Caste of Nod wants her..."
I was starting to black out, and the last thing I saw and heard was that damned hairless cat shouting "You're losing her Erron!"
Fade to black....

I woke up two days later in my hotel room, well rested but very unsure of how I got there. As I sat up, I felt a hot sting on the inside of my right arm. Looking down I saw a fresh tattoo of the Necrospank 5000 logo.
"Damn that Zorn" I muttered. A cat's meow echoed through the room, part purr, part laugh. That crazy Sphinx cat was sitting on my bed smirking..

The rest is better left unsaid....

Tried to save myself,
but myself keeps slipping away....

***** this story is completely fictional..., to find out more about Erron Zorn and Necrospank 5000, hairless cats, or Jaye Wells read GREEN-EYED DEMON the newest installment in the Sabina Kane series by JAYE WELLS.

****You can view or purchase Erron Zorn's necklace here.