Sunday, September 4, 2011

You have your Mothers Eyes

I love the original Fright Night movie, in all it's campy glory, and although I am not going to out my age here on the blog, I may or may not have originally seen it in the theater. Let's for now be satisfied with the fact that it's a movie I own and watch frequently.

I was skeptical of a reboot! When I heard Colin Farrell was coming aboard as Vampire Jerry,I was downright heartbroken. I am no fan of his, and I find his acting skills minimal at best. Some consolation came in the news of David Tennant joining the cast, but didn't see him in the Roddy McDowell part. His manic humor had no place, in the calm footsteps of Roddy McDowells Peter Vincent.

I just had to see this for thanks to a a very kind good friend I had the funds to go see this movie..(movies are expensive, I usually wait til they make their way to DVD)

So.. let me say Marti Noxon (of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame) did a brilliant job with the screenplay adaption. She kept it current but didn't lose anything from Tom Holland's original story. It's a much more graphic film than the 1985 version, but not gratuitously thankfully. I fucking loved this film.. Yep I said it...LOVED THE SHIT OUT OF IT!!

It didn't lose one bit of it's campiness! Nope nothin...It's all all it's cheese-ball glory.

Colin Farrell got it, he was sultry, hot and evil, completely over the top. When he sniffs the air for human made me both chuckle and sigh. He really got it, without trying to add all these layers to Vampire Jerry. Jerry is just a bastard killing machine, nuff said.

Anton Yelchin was OK as Charley Brewster, I didn't find him and captivating as William Ragsdale was in the original. Yelchin tried to act too much with his eyes. Camp doesn't translate well that way.

So who stole the show? Yep you got it, DAVID FUCKING TENNANT that's who.

The reboot makes Peter Vincent a Criss Angel (ugh) wanna be, and Tennant does it flawlessly. He's so hilarious, I could not stop laughing. I don't want to give too much away, but the addiction to Midori, aw well as the leather rashes were amazingly awesome touches.

Both Lisa Loeb and original vamp Jerry, Chris Sarandon have great cameo's. I might have giggled when Chris showed up and got his due..

My bottom line...go see this, spend the money, it's worth it. TRUE THING..