Saturday, March 24, 2012

Chasing the Moonlight

In the early 90's I was living in the mountains of Arizona, making jewelry and working in the music business when the occasion presented itself. Around 1992 I started to hear rumblings about a band called Type O Negative. My goth friends liked them, and my metal friends did too, but they were careful to admit it. I listened to some early stuff, and watched some really early videos.

The lead singer Peter Steele was a hulking guy with long black tresses and a hugely muscular upper body. I wasn't wild about his teeth—whether filed or no, he had a huge set of canines, which was too contrived for me. I mean I like dark gothy stuff, but being a old school Goth (we called them Death Rockers) the whole vamp thing is pretty lost on me. So I wrote them off.

Throughout the years, my friends and I have had discussions about them, even to the point of arguing about who liked them and who didn't. I find it really interesting that some people are still hesitant to admit that they like them (apparently even me). No matter how I feel about a band, I am always sad when the music biz loses a talent. It is already a waning pool. So when I heard that Pete Steele died, I was genuinely saddened that we had lost another one. Around that time I had stumbled on two songs by them, "Everything Dies" and "She Burned Me Down." I liked them.

Hey Mikey, I liked them!

It was a busy time in my life so just went on in my little own world of music, not thinking twice about it. Just for the record, if I was Steele's manager, I would have never let him do the Playgirl spread. I am sure he made lots of money for it. However it's really hard (lol) to take someone serious as a musical talent while staring at their family jewels…just sayin.

Recently I made acquaintance of someone who loves TON (type o negative) and they turned me on to the October Rust album. Holy moses, this guy had a voice that he could totally manipulate. It could turn bones to jelly in a matter of seconds. His cover of "Cinnamon Girl," makes me want to…well, dye my hair red for starters. The musicality of this band was more than competent. I was more than a shocked and disappointed with myself. Was I such a music snob that I couldn't even give a fair listen to the giant guy with the fangs? If you don't like this band, I suggest you give them a second listen, you might find yourself in my shoes. If not... no harm no foul!

Also if you do like them, I might suggest you watch the video of "My Girlfriends Girlfriend." It's pretty "special."

Aw here it is just for you, compliments of me... ah yeah..hell yeah!

this post is for you C,X,and N! Hugs...