Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rubber Little Monster

As a kid, I wasn't as snarky as I am now, but I was known even then
for speaking my mind. I wasn't really raised by my mother and father, but by my sister Nancy (she is 8 years older). She pretty much took me everywhere with her. I especially loved going with her to get her hair cut in Beverly Hills, California.

Teddy, her hairdresser, was something... He often wore VERY SHORT gold or silver lamé shorts, platform shoes and a silk shirt tied up (remember this was the 70's). He had the most amazing shag haircut. Teddy was a character and I really loved him, as a kid he prepared me for the glam world. (He loved to show off his junk. I do not believe he ever wore underwear…again, no wonder I am like I am.) I'm sad to
say he is no longer with us...but I do digress.

A loooong time ago on the corner of Wilshire Blvd and Rexford Dr in
Beverly Hills (now prime boutique real estate) was a Ralphs grocery
store. If I behaved, my sister would take me to get a coke there (as
kids we were not allowed to drink soda). This particular day, as we
stood in line (I was about 12), I recognized the person standing in
front of us. Buying a case of beer and several bottles of alcohol was
none other than Alice Cooper.( my hero at the time, and only Rock Star crush) Now contrary to popular belief I am painfully shy, so i whispered in my sisters ear who it was. She pushed
me forward to say hi…and I was mortified.

Alice on the other hand noticed right away, knelt down and said hi. I
don't remember him reeking of drank so I am thinking it might be one
of the few sober times he had in the 70's. I looked up into his eyes
and said, " I'm going to work for you one day." He smiled and said, "
I bet you will," then he looked at my sister and made a comment about
how I certainly knew my own mind. There was an adult joke between them
that was lost on twelve-year-old me. The rest of the day I was pretty
quiet and introspective and didn't even tell my mom and dad about our

Years later my brother got me a job as an electrician on a huge stage
show... Whose, you ask? You bet, Alice Cooper! I was hired on for the
whole tour, and made sure that Alice knew the story. His reply: "I'm
not surprised, Synde. You certainly know your own mind." Dooode the
same exact thing, he had said the same thing...

Alice was my first real music boss, and to this day the best one I
have ever had! He never lost his temper and took us on trips, and
treated us like people. Some days I yearn for that kind of
treatment...Nah, it'll never happen...

***and I laughed to myself, at the Men and the Ladies-
who never conceived of us Billion Dollar Babies*************

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  1. Love your description of Teddy, I can totally picture it!

    That's an incredible story about Alice, he does seem like a cool guy. I like to listen to his radio show. :) Shy or not, you do know your own mind! And that's a wonderful quality to have. Based on the experiences you have had, that's evident.

    It's often difficult to seize your own potential and make things happen, but it is possible.... ;)