Thursday, February 10, 2011

Don't Forget the Joker

The other day at work I was talking to one of my coworkers about Lemmy Kilmister. One of the things l like about him is he carries no pretenses about who he is. There isn't a crazy star attitude, he just simply is Lemmy. Some time ago I saw a video about Lemmy, most of which was shot in his home. The carpet was stained and there were bottles and cigarette butts everywhere. There were no vases of flowers or over designed living rooms. Just Lemmy smoking and drinking a beer. That's real life!
Back in the days, there was a time when MTV’s 120 minutes was the thing to watch if you wanted to see metal, goth and anything alternative. You remember --- when super annoying Ricki Rachtman was the host?( Correction: I was reminded that I am talking Headbangers Ball..120 Minutes had the bald dude as the host...Thanks Aleck) Anyway, they used to throw some pretty amazing parties. One such party was a the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, poolside. Everyone was there. Especially if hair metal was your thing (I would argue that it's not mine, but you all have seen my post on C.C. Deville). The boys from Poison were there, bad boi (koff koff) Tommy Lee, Blasko, John Tempesta, Mike Ness. I think Everlast and the Offspring were also there, and I even believe that Glen Danzig made an appearance. Scattered throughout were typical industry folks, playboy bunnies in various forms of dress and undress, and the rockstars of the moment. So we were all hanging around poolside when here comes Lemmy in a speedo (a European model which is even smaller if possible) and cowboy boots. He is walking tall, proud to show off his body. Basically he was there to pick up women, and you know what? It was working. For the life of me I couldn't believe how well it was working. (I think right then I might have thrown up in my mouth a little.) Why was it working? Well, for various reasons really. He is under no assumptions about how he looks. I mean, lets face it, hygiene is not necessarily his best friend. But he is a rockstar, in no uncertain terms! He doesn't throw fits or ask for only green M&Ms, but he oozes rock n roll out of every pore. He is the real deal. After all the banana hammock jokes had run their course, I had a chance to talk to Lemmy. The guy is hilarious and personable. He told jokes, some so fantastically dirty that I had to fight down a blush. Still I found myself enjoying every minute. Somehow when he leered at me and asked “who are you m'dear,” I didn't want to punch him, just pat him on the back and sigh, “Oh, Lemmy.” I have only met him that one time, but recently I saw the Lemmy documentary and it's a must see. I just love this crazy mother.Give Lemmy and Motorhead a try, they started in 1975..still going strong today you just can't forget the Joker..

****You know me, evil eye
You know me, prepare to die
You know me, the graveyard kiss
Devil's grip, the Iron Fist******


  1. LOL! That's a fantastic story. About a year ago I had a sudden craze on Motörhead, they were just every where I turned (spring break in London). I can't wait to see the doco. There is just something genuine about Lemmy. It really comes through. I still can't imagine what it was like to have him in Hawkwind: like a tornado in a tea shop!

    But I think I probably don't want to see the Speedos O_o


    (That being said, I gots a wee tiny little correction -- it was 120 Minutes on Sunday for the alt/goth/punk crowd, and Headbanger's Ball on Saturday nights for the metalheads. Rikki was the host of HB, and Dave Kendall was the resident 120 host at the time. Motörhead was the only band that'd be likely found on both shows, though. Lemmy useta play with the Damned!)

    I mean, the man consumes 2 bottles of Jack and 2 packs a day. And has for YEARS. And still he lives! LEMMY = GOD. He was told that he couldn't have a blood transfusion to get clean (like Keith Richards supposedly did) because HUMAN BLOOD WOULD KILL HIM. Again, LEMMY = GOD. I'm convinced that if you shot him, not only would he still stalk this puny planet, but he would bleed A POTENT MIXTURE OF TAR, ALCOHOL AND AMPHETAMINE. Which would not only overwhelm anyone who stood in his way, but which would RAISE THE DEAD, an army of which he would use to destroy all who would dare oppose his reign.

    I love Lemmy.

  3. thanks Aleck..correction noted and you are given credit..and yes I watched both so I am not shocked I got them mixed up..The parties however were pure headbangers ball!

  4. A really cool post, Synde!

    Motorhead is in KC Thursday and I'm going. WHOO HOO.