Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Writing on the wall

So, with U2 recently in Seattle once again, I must admit many stories
came to mind. Bono and I reminisced about some of the stupider things
we have done. Like getting arrested with Greenpeace. (Yes, they were
all fun.)

When I was in Dublin in the 80's, U2 was already pretty big (not like
now mind you, but huge enough) and the wall outside Windmill Lane was
a tourist destination. Many a pilgrim would scrawl, paint or doodle a
message to the lads. They painted over it once a year to make room for
others, but I can assure you that everyone read every year. I am
honestly not sure if it's still there; I forgot to ask when I saw

Anyway back to the story. One day while I was over there we were
watching a bunch of American students taking pictures in front of the
wall, giggling and posing. I thought it would be funny if we just
wandered out. In those days it was easier, and of course Bono was
game, The Edge too.

So we wandered around the corner . . . tapped the American students on
the shoulder and asked what all the fuss was about. It took them a
minute to comprehend, then the the squeeing started. Believe me, it
was the squee heard round the world. Pictures were taken. Then all
parties wandered away giggling.

The next day I returned to the Windmill Lane offices to work only to
find the boys outside surprising fans. It was pretty awesome. They
only did it a couple of times that day, then I think the buzz wore
off. The boys went back into the office, and everything went back to normal.
Still never know who you will meet at the Graffiti wall at Windmill lane.

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