Friday, July 1, 2011

Beer Break With Atticus O'Sullivan

In a completely unanticipated chain of events I recently was invited to sit down and have a beer with our favorite 2100 year old druid. We talked about a variety of subjects and enjoyed some fine drink.. As always it's wonderful to see him..

S: Hey Atticus..Thanks for the invite.

A: Happy to be here. The fish and chips are outstanding, by the way. Ever tried a Snakebite? That's Guinness and cider. The Guinness floats on top.

S- um no...that sounds er...interesting.
So first off how is having an apprentice after all these years without one?
Right now it's easy. Until she learns some languages there's not much else for me to do. Of course I'm nervous as all hell because I have to protect her until she can defend herself properly, so this will be twelve years of extreme paranoia.

S:Do you play a musical instrument? Sing?
I do both, actually. They're fallback positions for me when I'm on the run. If I need to disappear into a city and not use any magic for a while, then one of the best things you can do to blend in right away is join the music scene. It's fairly easy to get a gig at a bar when you know what you're doing. Just give them a name, audition, print up some flyers, and there you go. I'm an accomplished guitarist and I've played rhythm and lead in a few bands. Mostly I like playing small venues where it's just me. If I got into a band that became too popular I'd just have to leave again, so I always keep it local and short term.

S:What is your favorite location in the world? ( on this plane) why?
I will always love places that have been untouched by the industrial revolution. Places of wilderness you have to hike into, where there are no roads, the elementals are strong, and the earth sings of health. It's getting difficult to find those places anymore. There are a few lovely stretches like that in the Australian outback, though, and right now I'd say those are my favorites.

S: If you could sit down to dinner with 5 historical figures, living or dead who would they be.? Why...(and yes they can be ones you knew)
Ben Franklin. His image has been cleaned up by history, but damn, that guy knew how to party. Neil Gaiman, because, you know, I'm kind of a fanboy. Augustus Caesar—I have some pointed questions to ask him about his role in the systemic slaughter of the Druids and whether there were any vampires behind it. Suleiman the Magnificent of the Ottoman Empire, because he was clever and ambitious and therefore extremely dangerous. And then I'd like a ninja. Any ninja. Still haven't laid my eyes on one of them, and I'd like to know where they've been hiding.

S:what are you up to these days?
Getting ready to disappear off the map. Too many people know where to find me now. Granuaile needs a safe place to complete her training.

S:How is Oberon? I have been meaning to did you acquire him?
Oberon is just dandy. I found him on a rescue ranch in Massachusetts. His previous owners couldn't handle the responsibility that a big hound like him entails. And they didn't "get" him—he needed to go out and hunt, and they never let him do that, so he pretended their tan loveseat was a doe and tore it up, and you can imagine how pleased they were with that. Lots of Irish wolfhounds these days aren't as active as Oberon, and I could see how he'd be trouble if you couldn't talk to him.

S:Well Atticus thanks for inviting me to dinner.. It's been lovely.. I think I will have another whiskey and then toddle off..

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  1. Fantastic. I just finished the third book and can't wait to hear more about his adventures. I want to know more about how Perun is faring in this realm, he's quite a character.