Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm Demon Speeding

I have been watching a ton of music videos on You Tube lately. I made a playlist of great driving songs. I am famous for having a lead foot. I can't help it, I love the wind in my face and the purr of a big engine. Sadly Seattle is not the place for a loud gas guzzling car, so with a heavy heart I sold my Camero.( also known as the white ghost). Below are some of my favorites

Here is Rob Zombie's Dragula.
Can't you just feel yourself driving too fast? Little known fact Dragula is the name of Grandpa Munsters car..

Ok here's another Rob Zombie song, that is made for driving..and er speeding.

I like the aggressive stuff for driving too. This one is
especially good for Los Angeles or Seattle traffic!

Writer (and friend) Kevin Hearne likes driving to The Chili Peppers, Tell Me Baby. I like it..
I think I will add it to my running play list.

Chelsea of Vampire Book Club fame, chose Children of Bodom's Triple Corpse Hammerblow as her driving song.. Badass much? you bet! The song doesn't have a video, but you should listen to it! Metal at it's best.

Crooked Fang Bassist, erstwhile Vampire and sometimes Twitter Dj Xan Marcelles chose Type O Negative's version of Highway Star..

He also chose Foghat's Slow ride..a fantastic driving song If I do say so myself! Be warned it's the full version... just crank it up and enjoy a beer.. Ah the 70's...

This next one would be an awesome driving song, if I still had a car. It's by metal band Powderburn, and you can get their new album "One Fix" here
This one is called " The Lights go Down" and I LOVE IT!

ok I leave you with one more of my favorites.. It's very glam but I make no excuses.. it's fun..

so tell me what are your favorite driving songs?


  1. Great idea! Driving songs for me lately are by The Black Keys, Rollins Band, Puscifer, and Concrete Blonde.

    1. great choices... There are so many possibilities

  2. I like the one-two blast at the beginning of The Damned's MACHINE GUN ETIQUETTE, "Love Song" into the title track. From the opening "Ladies and gentlemen, how do?" through the seamless segue into the next track, "It's okay! GO!!!"...Nothing else makes me want to jam my foot into the floorboard and PUNCH IT like that.

    ...But some come close. Ministry's "Jesus Built My Hotrod" (esp. the extended "Redline/Whiteline Version" from the single) kicks things into overdrive for me. "Nobody with a good car needs to be justified!"
    Late night driving: The Cramps' PSYCHEDELIC JUNGLE. The whole album. Perfect for aimlessly cruising around the streets.
    Summer road trip driving in the South: Any Atlantic or Stax Records Soul compilations. If it's got Otis Redding and Sam & Dave on it, it works. Bonus points for Rufus or Irma Thomas.