Friday, April 6, 2012

Light the Keg, Powderburn has arrived

As some of you know I am not known for being a new-school metal fan, but recently a couple of close friends made me aware of a metal band out of Austin, Texas called Powderburn. Since my middle name is skeptical, I didn't hold out for too much, but boy was I wrong! Without trying to be too cliché here, Powderburn is essentially a breath of fresh air in a stagnant genre.

I acquired their last EP One Fix and while not every song is perfect, the ratio of good to bad is heavy on the good. They posses real music competency, something I look for in a band regardless of genre. Not just a hook and three chords in a revolving cycle. This band veers away from the metal formulaic screaming and gives the listener some real depth. Pertinent lyrics and honest musicality give them a healthy mainstream appeal.

Vocalist Ken Lockman isn't a one trick pony at all, he carries melodies well and along with guitarist Eric Anthony and bassist Greg Enkler real harmonies are up and carried through. Drummer Pat Swift is the heartbeat of the band.( Swift has since left the band)

Slowly Divide is a song that has Santana flavored influences, and is methodical in its relentless force. It's like driving on a dark road in the rain; you can't help but watch for the curves thrown at you. This is shot of Bushmills in the album, smoky and sweet, it goes down hot.

The Lights Go Down is clearly the most accessible song on the album. It worms its way into your brain, and you find yourself singing it at the oddest times. Emotional lyrics and headbanging music (omg did I just say headbanging... gasp...) make this song a winner.

The Descending is anthemic in its stompy-ness... Anthony's relentless guitar coupled with Enkler's torturous bass put together the stuff horror soundtracks are made of. Sneaking up on you, and grabbing you by the neck, this song demands your attention. Lockmans vocals are spot on too. This is my favorite song on the album. Beautiful and creepy. Love it.

Rumors in my neck of the woods ( you know those creepy ones where “things” sneak up on you) say they are releasing a new EP quite soon. But in the meantime, pick up One Fix to tide you over.

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  1. I love this band so much. Why? Because they are a fan's band. They are personable, with funny commentary between numbers. Their live performance is near-flawless, every time. They play in several locations, especially in Texas so yes, come see this band. Get their albums. Great metal.